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Limited Quantity! Signed Copy of the BOOK Filthy! The Rise and (Pending) Death of Vic Lagina


Filthy! Is the salaciously true story of Vic Lagina – Las Vegas’ most prolific pornographer – which puts him in the running for most prolific pornographers worldwide – and chances are you’ve never heard of him.

Who the F--- is Vic Lagina?

The story of Filthy! is the true account of Vic’s front row for seat the explosive rise of internet porn and its endless cast of characters.

Our story begins with the title character’s traditional suburban upbringing and attempts to make it in the civilian world. Failing in L.A. and unable to make ends meet with multiple film degrees, Vic answers a classified ad seeking production help on a porn shoot. What began that day in a crack smelling condo in the San Fernando Valley would eventually morph into a twenty year Vegas career shooting countless scenes for some of the world’s largest porn sites – Brazzers, Digital Playground, PornHub – and some of the foulest.

3792 scenes to be exact. But who’s counting?

Vic’s life is an epic debate between two distinct voices in his head: one voice trying to run a successful business, retain his soul, and possibly find love – the other shouting for money, endless sex, and cocaine.

Let me drive. Pretty please?

Behind the curtain – the reader encounters all facets of the porn industry ranging from the biggest names to long forgotten one-timers. Along the way you witness Vic and his freakish work ethic become a key cog in a multinational meat grinder chewing up flesh and spitting out hundreds of millions in profit for his employer. To accomplish this - Vic must manage an ever revolving team of maniacs – drawn to the porn industry for their own (often nefarious) reasons. Could you keep your sanity surrounded by people who treat sex like an handshake and illegal drugs like vitamins?

Stop being so melodramatic. We had a blast.

The book also shares a deep insight into the near impossibility of finding healthy relationships when you surround yourself with never ending sex and flesh. Vic tries to date “civilians” – only to discover normal people can’t get over his day job. Ultimately, he resigns himself to scouring the damaged souls of the adult industry for a partner. His quest for love is equal parts endearing, head scratching, and vomit inducing. Would you be able to film the supposed love of your life while she has sex with multiple men at the same time?

Sounds great on paper. What could possibly go wrong?

This book is not just a biography of one of Vegas’ most colorful characters – it is also contains several essays on the “how-tos” of becoming successful in the porn industry. The reader will appreciate the hilarious insight offered by Professor Lagina as he opens up the classroom for lectures in “Vic Lagina’s School of Porn.” Ever wonder how to deal with porn agents? Prep talent for “non-traditional” entry? What to do when a female performer is on her period? Is it squirt or pee?

Ahhh. Life’s essential questions.

Buckle in and go for a ride though twenty years from the Golden Age of the porn industry to when it transformed after #MeToo and the new ‘woke’ porn standards. Is a male talent transphobic if he does not want to shoot with a trans performer or is bodily autonomy and choice respected?

It all happened and it’s all true. Did Vic Lagina survive the endless sex and drugs and find love and redemption? Would you?

Give me the keys. I’m driving.

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Limited Quantity! Signed Copy of the BOOK Filthy! The Rise and (Pending) Death of Vic Lagina

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